A beautiful way to remember

A tree is a wonderful symbol that becomes more significant and beautiful as each season passes.

At the Capital Region Memory Farm, you can remember your loved ones or key events by planting and sponsoring a tree.  You can scatter ashes in the wind or spread them around a tree that you plant in one of our extensive tree lines.

Sponsoring a tree at the Capital Region Memory Farm is not only a beautiful way to remember loved ones, it also contributes to leaving this earth a little more beautiful than it was before.

The trees at Capital Region Memory Farm improve biodiversity, boost soil fertility and reduce soil erosion on this iconic district property, and provides an affordable alternative which shifts the focus of a memorial to one that innately emphasises life and beauty.

The Capital Region Memory Farm is only a 30 minute drive from Tuggeranong along the Monaro Highway. A beautiful and eye-catching property, the trees and gardens will grow to offer visual displays of flowers and Autumn colours to visitors and passers-by.


Restoring an icon of the capital region

The farm has been in continuous production since the 1830s and is a true icon of the capital region. Now under the stewardship of its fourth owners, the farm specialises in the production of high-quality Black Angus beef for the Australian domestic market.

Since becoming stewards in 2009, the Williamson family has invested in the rehabilitation and restoration of the farm’s environment to support a sustainable level of production and to reverse the impact of the ill-suited European farming practices of the 1800s.

The rehabilitation and restoration has included:

  • Protection (by restricting stock) and replanting of the fragile river bank along 1.5 kms of the Murrumbidgee
  • Restorative earthworks and replanting over 40 hectares of an abandoned sand quarry on the bank of the river
  • Contours fencing to avoid the risk of erosion along stock trails
  • Establishing grazing cells and installation off-stream watering systems to optimise stock nutrition while minimising environmental risks

The next step is to establish a network of tree lines to improve biodiversity, protect native animals, increase soil carbon and fertility, and to reduce the risk of wind soil erosion.  In remembering your loved one or an event on our farm you’ll be contributing to the sustainability of an iconic and beautiful part of Australia.

Learn about our trees

With over 20kms of massed  tree lines planned (at around 300 trees per kilometre), the Capital Region Memory Farm will grow to have approximately 6,000 trees helping to protect and improve the farm’s environment and to sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

To protect our native animals and birds, our western network of tree lines has been designed to provide ‘safe passage’ corridors allowing native animals to move between the Murrumbidgee river and areas of native eucalyptus forest at the centre of the property.  However, to discourage native animals from travelling to and being injured or killed on the Monaro highway, the eastern network has been designed to incorporate European, American and Asian trees that are less enticing to our native fauna and have the added advantage of providing massed Autumn colour displays.

The tree lines are being planted with species designed to build soil nitrogen and fertility, and disrupt wind in order to reduce the risk of soil erosion.

All tree lines will be fenced with cattle introduced for occasional grazing once trees are 5 years old. Cattle grazing being the natural way to prune trees and to reduce the risk of fire posed from too much grass building up.


The Experience

Attending the Capital Region Memory Farm is a unique experience.

You will be welcomed by the farm’s owners and staff who will be pleased to provide an overview of the farm’s operations and to take you on a guided tour demonstrating the environmental improvements already implemented or planned.

You and your family can select a tree to sponsor.  Our staff with then either drive you or walk with you to a prepared planting site and will provide you with instruction and the tools to plant the tree.

You are welcome to spread the ashes of a loved one or to place them by the tree.

If you would like to mark your tree with a memorial plaque, this can be provided affixed to a rock of local origin.

We will provide you with a certificate of tree sponsorship that will note the date and site that the tree was planted, its species and the reason for sponsorship.

The Capital Region Memory Farm will take it from there with the tree being watered and mulched until established.


The cost of operating the Capital Region Memory Farm is far more than just the trees. We also clean and prepare the tree line sites, build and maintain secure fencing, water, fertilise and spread mulch around each tree until established, treat any trees that become damaged or diseased, and replace trees that die.

At the Capital Region Memory Farm, we want everyone to have the opportunity to remember their loved ones or other events with a memorial that emphases life, beauty and growth.  We also recognise that your sponsorship of our trees provides additional value to the farm by improving our soil and environment.

For these reasons you will find our prices to be significantly lower than traditional memorial parks and cemeteries.

All tree lines will be fenced with cattle introduced for occasional grazing once trees are 5 years old. Cattle grazing being the natural way to prune trees and to reduce the risk of fire posed from too much grass building up.

Visit the memory farm and plant a living memorial


  • Attend the farm for a guided tour
  • Select and plant a tree
  • Guarantee that the tree will be fertilised, watered and cared for, and replaced if damaged or if it dies
  • Trees will be secured in a fenced tree line until 5 years of age
  • Collect a certificate showing what was planted, where, when and why

Add a plaque for your living memorial


  • Capital Region Memory Farm will source a plaque and affix it to a rock as a memorial marker

Name a tree line


  • Select the species to be planted in a specific treeline.
  • A large plaque will be placed on a mounted frame or large bush rock noting the name of the tree line, who the sponsor is and why they have sponsored the tree line.
  • Plant up to 10 memorial trees.

Any questions, we’re to help.