Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is The Capital Region Memory Farm?

The farm is located 30 minutes south of Canberra on the Monaro Highway between the villages of Michelago and Bredbo. Our address is 4327 Monaro Highway and is easily found through most navigation systems.

Will I Need A 4WD?

No. The farm is accessed directly off the Monaro Highway and has an excellent graded driveway (with an established poplar, oak and fur tree line). All travel around the farm will be conducted in our vehicles driven by our staff.

Can I plant my own tree?

No. Due to biosecurity requirements, all trees are sourced from an approved wholesale nursery specialising in cold climate species.

It’s A Great Concept, Can I Make A Donation To The Tree Farm?

Yes you can. However we are not a registered charity and your donation will not be tax deductable.

Pricing philosophy

The cost of operating the Capital Region Memory Farm is far more than just the trees. We need to clean and prepare the tree line sites, build and maintain secure fencing, position each tree with a prepared hole, care for each tree one planted (i.e. water, fertiliser and mulch)  until established, and replace any damaged, diseased or dead trees.

However, we recognise that your sponsorship also provides additional value to the farm through the ecological benefits of focused reforestation, and also benefits the world as a whole through the sequestration of carbon dioxide. Finally we are committed to providing an the opportunity for people to sponsor a living memorial at an affordable price.

Our pricing therefore is designed to be approximately half the price of the Canberra alternatives. By way of comparison, an “edging memorial” (a plaque positioned on the edging of a garden bed where ashes can be spread) at  well-known regional crematoria ranges from $1,990 to $2,320, and sponsoring a tree at a lawn cemetery can costs over $10,000, whereas sponsoring a tree and placing a similar plaque at the Capital Region Memory Farm will cost just $1,250.

Can I Bury Ashes Under The Tree?

No.  While completely safe to handle, ashes can be quite acidic and overtime can impede plant health and growth if buried under the tree.

Can I Visit My Tree?

Yes, of course, you can.  However, the Capital Region Memory Farm is also a family home and a working beef farm, so you will need to book a time to visit or call ahead to ensure that safe access can be accommodated at a time that works for everyone.

Why sponsorship and not purchasing of the trees?

The trees planted at the Capital Region Memory Farm should outlive us all. As a result ownership can easily become very confused. Hence sponsorship is the way to go!

What types of trees are available?

On our western (river) side we have native tree lines to provide corridors for native animals. These are to be planted predominately with local gum, bottle brush and wattle species.


On the eastern side we have non-native tree lines to discourage native animals from crossing the Monaro highway. These will be planted with European, American and Asian deciduous trees including Ash, Birch, Liquidambers and Maples.

If you have any further questions please get in touch.